Vietnam War / An Khe / Hon Cong Mountain


An Khe / Camp Radcliff ...   by day....       and .....        by night...


Above photos,  north view from Hon Cong Mtn.,  1969/70                                           Courtesy Jerry Inman and Ron Cassinelli



 This  Site 
 Is  For  and  Dedicated  To our Troops  who  Served 
iVietnam, especially those
around  An Khe, 
Camp Radcliff,  
   and those stationed
   Hon Cong Mountain  
 in the 1960's and 70's,  in a
in the  Central Highlands...

 It all did happen so many years ago,
there are still stories to be heard,
and healing to be done
.  Before starting
this project,  I found many good related
sites on the web,  but the area of interest
to me - the An Khe area - was scattered
among them:   a battle-report here, a map
or story there,  taking a lot of  time to  sift
 through   all   the  search-engine  choices.
    So this site is designed with  LINKS  to
those websites I found  (adding  new ones
as I find them), with some original material
of my own.    A place to start might be the
Stories/Links page,  see if your unit/group has a website-link there.   
 If  you'd  like to contribute any stories or photos of  your own,  just click above on  "Contact Us"  and take it from there.
 Or simply post your recollections on the "I Remember..." page.  You'll find other vets stories there too.
   (The history of those times are being gathered up and saved, so if you have anything to add, please do.)

   You are also welcomed to leave a comment in the "Guestbook", or just  checkout our other pages
  in the list above, with some good maps, photos, flying stories, and some area war-events/history. 
                                 Along the way, you may even find an ol' buddy or two... 

                           If you don't  find your group listed in the
"LINKS" page, let us know...

 I was at Camp Enari in '69,  Camp Radcliff / Hon Cong Mt. in '70,  Air Traffic Control (radar approach) with
the 1st Aviation Brigade,   165th Aviation Group,   An Khe Army Airfield Command,   a very small piece of the whole scene:  Infantry,  Medical,  Artillery,  Signal,  Supply,  Maintenance,  Aviation....
     1st Cav        173rd Airborne          4th Infantry         ? ?                                 More about my job there.

     When we came home,  there wasn't much in the way of thanks from our country -- 
   it was an unpopular war, sometimes called "the only war we ever lost".  Lost?  
 Or did our leaders just decide it wasn't worth it anymore, so they pulled us out? 
I don't know, but most of us troops were just kids out of high school, trusting that
 our leaders would choose and conduct our fights wisely;   and most of us faced the
   challenge bravely,  did our jobs as best we could, and watched each other's backs --
--  the  best  qualities  of a  Warrior  -- 

    After coming home I discarded my uniforms & photos, spent all these years staying busy,       trying to forget, trying to outrun dark things.   But that didn't really heal anything,
didn't solve the problem.  Now, I'm done being a workaholic,  done running ... 

                     Recently,  I  heard a  Grandfather-Spirit  say ...

                                     " Welcome  back...  Welcome home...."





                          Check out the "Photos" and "Maps" pages, there's some good ones...


              If you were a pilot, or took aircraft rides,  see "My Job There" page,
                                    there's some good short stories...


 There's Also a Page of "War-Incidents" for An Khe/Camp Radcliff,
and other war-related topics. 

Check back in for added info.. 


        For some history / background about Camp Radcliff / An Khe, see top of  "My Job There"  page. 


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                                                                                     "Greater Love hath no man than this:
                                                                                 that a man lay down his life for his friends"

                                                                                                      John ch XV, v. 13




       Thank you Vietnam Vets and others  for sharing  photos,  maps,  stories  and  encouragement.

                                                 And to our  extended families,  who can help bring out our best... 


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