Vietnam War / An Khe / Hon Cong Mountain


ATTACKS  on CAMP RADCLIFF -  1968 (incomplete)


Note: From what I've found, official summary reports during earlier years of the war sometimes left out some details of an attack/incident,  but I'm hoping to find more specific data as time goes on.
the MACV summary for the Oct 30th incident said "light damage, light casualties", and "unknown amount" for mortar rounds fired into base-camp.  Compare with info below, taken from after-action report.

- Feb 5
:    Mortar attack, type: 60 & 82mm,  40 rounds, 1 US KIA, 13 WIA (serious), 
                11 WIA (released back to duty).  Light Damage                                   


Mar 4
:   Mortar attack, type: unknown;  2 separate events, @ 0130 and 0140;
                more than 15 rounds; No damage, light casualties.                          

- Jun 17
:  Mortar attack, type: 82mm; more than 80 rounds, 
                 Light damage,  no casualties.                            

- Oct 30
:  Mortar & Sapper attack. 82mm & RPG, more than 80 rounds;  1 suspect detained;
                Moderate damage.  Casualties: 1 US KIA, 11 WIA;  2 RVN KIA, 2 WIA.              
                 (To see "After-Action Report",  CLICK HERE   [PDF File]  )                               
      Note: This is likely the "Tar Depot Fire" incident mentioned in photo  (Main Photo page),
               and described in "I Remember.." page,  topic:  "Do You Remember..:  Base Camp"
                              To see larger photos of Fire, CLICK Here.                                          

- Nov 11:  Mortar attack (symultaneous attack on town of An Khe), type 82mm;           
                 65 rounds; also 75mm R. Rifle; in two hf attacks; light damage, no casualties.
                 (Note:  to see "After-Action Report", 
CLICK HERE   [PDF File]  )                     

- Nov 12
:  Mortar attack, type: 82mm, 150 rounds;  light casualties and damage.       


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